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The Benefits of a Single Turbo Conversion

The Benefits of a Single Turbo Conversion

Single turbo conversions are not just another addition to your rig. Converting takes your system from complex to simple, and our team at Big Rig Power is here to help make it a smooth transition.

Why Switch to a Single Turbo Conversion?

There are several reasons as to why you should convert to a single turbo. That said, the main reasons fall under the following categories:


  • Improved gas mileage
  • Reduced maintenance and costs
  • Longer engine life


The following is a breakdown of how you can expect to see the changes listed above, after switching to a single turbo conversion.

How does a Single Turbo Conversion Increase Gas Mileage?

Single turbo converts, such as the Cat C15 Acert, are designed to help your rig achieve different torque characteristics. The larger turbos are built to provide more top end power, as compared to the smaller turbos, which can spool faster and provide enhanced low-end power.


By making the swap to a single turbo, the weight of your engine is reduced. The engine is then more powerful and more efficient, allowing a smaller engine to act much more like a larger engine, but at a lower weight.

Single Turbo Conversions means Reduced Maintenance

Less maintenance means one less item to worry about while on the road. With a single turbo conversion, your rig is going to run smoother, as much of the engine’s complexity is eliminated. The stock exhaust manifold is replaced with a stronger, more durable, higher performing ceramic exhaust manifold.


After replacing the manifold, a high-performance turbo charger from Bully Dog will be installed, leading to an immediate performance enhancement. With this performance enhancement comes less stress on your engine, in turn leading to less time in the repair shop and more money in your pocket.


In the end, a single turbo convert is going to virtually pay for itself. Your stops at the repair shop will be much more efficient, as less work will need to be done overall.

Extend your Engine Life with a Single Turbo Conversion

Engine life is of the utmost importance. Although a single turbo conversion is not the only way to extend the life of your diesel engine, it is certainly one of the more direct ways to do so. Reducing stress on the engine is a key factor in the longevity of your engine’s lifespan, which is exactly what this convert will do.

Once the convert is installed, we will test your rig on our Dyno Truck power bench to show the increase in performance. These increases in power will help extend the life of your engine, all while allowing your travels to be more efficient.


Single turbo conversions are one of the most effective ways to improve your heavy duty truck’s engine. The improvements in gas mileage, reduced maintenance, and a longer engine life are just a few of the major benefits you will reap from making the switch. Give your rig the tune it deserves and convert to a single turbo with the industry’s most advanced ECM software.

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