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Fleet Maintenance Services Our Focus

Our Fleet Maintenance Service


When unforeseen repairs and ongoing maintenance issues arise, your fleet productivity can often be disrupted. Our fleet services are available to a variety of on-highway and off-highway fleets, no matter the size. We are locally owned and operate our services in a 10 bay,  35,000 sq/ft shop with 6 Red Seal Mechanics and 3 globally trained Programming Engineers (in-house). All of our fleet services include a step-by-step authorization for work that is required and a complimentary 27 step Quality Inspection Report. We believe this ensures proper communication with our customers and provides “no surprises” billing.


Fleet Services Offered for:

  • Transportation/Heavy Haul
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • City and County Vehicles
  • Farming

If you like the idea of less maintenance, consider some of our engine tuning services. Money will be saved in the long-haul.

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Big Rig Power’s full range of fleet services

CVIP Licensed

We are a Certified Alberta Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station. Alberta Transportation relies upon licensed inspection stations to ensure that CVIP inspections are done in accordance with Alberta’s regulations and good trade practices. As inspection technicians we sign CVIP certificates for vehicle only when we know they are safe. We are responsible to make sure our certified heavy duty mechanics maintain their technical skills and upgrade them when vehicle manufacturers introduce new technology.

Engine Work

We provide a variety of major and minor engine work for your fleet. Some services are:

  • Major Overhaul
  • In-frame Rebuilds
  • Out-of Frame Rebuilds
  • Engine Swaps

All services have a 1 year parts warranty and we only use OEM parts.

General Repairs

When your truck is down, we offer an extensive list of in-house services to get you back on the road. Our industry trained and certified heavy duty mechanics will offer you the best suggestions for your budget.


We offer but are not limited to:

  • Complete Brake Jobs including Air Brakes
  • Complete Suspension Services
  • Transmission Repair and Replacement
  • Engine Repair and/or Replacement
  • Electrical Component Diagnosing and Repair
  • All DOT required Services and Repairs


Complete Brake Service including Air Brakes – Big Rig Power will repair or replace any or all of your brake system after a thorough inspection of all components – drums, pads, mounting hardware and brake chambers. We make necessary replacements using genuine OEM parts or quality name brand aftermarket parts at discounted pricing.


Complete Suspension Services  Big Rig Power will repair or replace any components of your suspension system that require servicing. This includes kingpins, tie rods, drag links and steer shaft u joints. We use genuine OEM parts or quality brand name aftermarket parts at a discounted rate.


Transmission Repair and Replacement We will diagnose, repair or replace main components such as gears, synchros, and bearings in your transmission. 


Engine Repair and Replacement – We offer extensive engine overhaul procedures. Our diagnostic technicians specialize in in-frame or out-of-frame engine overhauls with shop rates less than industry dealerships.


Electrical Component Diagnosing and Repair – We can diagnose, repair and service all electrical components from the battery to starter to ECM and everything in between.

Custom ECM tuning

At Big Rig Power our qualified and knowledgeable mechanics and technicians work at increasing the performance of your fleet and its efficiency. Tuning enhancement benefits:


  • Improve Fuel Savings
  • Speed Limiter Changes
  • Increase Torque – Responsibly
  • Pre-Post Dyno – Get baseline (ensure fleet is running at manufacturer specifications)
  • Electronic Diagnostic

Single-Turbo Conversion

Your truck will run better the way it should with the power, realibility and efficiency you demand.


Single-Turbo Conversion

Preventative Maintenance

A regular and continuous routine of fast, easy, and inexpensive services that can be done to prevent unnecessary wear to your truck and its operating components and systems. We offer but are not limited to full and dry maintenance regimes, you can have it all, or just a little, it’s your choice.


  • Oil Changes with Oil Analysis
  • Valve Sets
  • Clutch and Brake Adjustments
  • Grease Jobs and 30 point inspection
  • Main Electrical Component Testing


Oil Changes with Oil Analysis -At Big Rig Power we use high-quality Synthetic oils in various viscosities at a fraction of the cost of dealerships. Running an efficient truck requires a regular oil change. We also offer an Engine Oil Analysis to pinpoint issues that may need immediate attention or attention in the near future. Reoccurring trend testing will establish the rate of wear to the internal parts of your engine and determine how fast is it wearing and when you need to do something about it.


Valve Sets -This is a procedure that correctly and precisely resets the clearance between the small end of the valve stem and the rocker arm or valve lifter. When this distance is no longer to manufacturer specifications it will result in poor fuel economy, reduced power and increased wear on other engine components. Often overlooked, this procedure should be done at least once a year as a regular and necessary check on the integrity of the internal components of your engine.


Clutch and Brake AdjustmentsAlberta Transportation requires adjustments to your clutch and brakes to their specifications. Routine servicing can prevent undue and uneven wear to your brakes and also allows for the inspection of all crucial parts of your braking system – drum, pads, mounting hardware and brake chambers. At Big Rig Power we use only genuine OEM parts.


Grease Job and 30 Point InspectionHaving your truck regularly greased prevents crucial segments from wearing, breaking, or even ceasing. Make a 30 point inspection part of your vehicle’s maintenance routine.


Main Electrical Component TestingAs part of your preventative maintenance routine we will inspect, test, and service all major parts of your electrical system including the battery, alternator, and starter.

Proactive Maintenance Inspections

We provide a proactive maintenance inspection for all fleet vehicles. This peace-of-mind service is to ensure that your fleet remains mechanically sound and efficient. We inspect the following:

  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Transmissions
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Valve Sets
  • Drive Lines
  • Oil Levels
  • Air Conditioning
  • Windshield Life
  • Air-to-Air
  • Turbo
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Filters
  • Sensors
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Clutch Adjustments
  • Accessories (PTO, Wabasco, Bumpers, ect.)
  • Emissions Systems
Tandem and Tridem Dyno Services

Test your heavy duty truck on our Dimsport Dynamometer for power, torque, rail speed, and engine temperatures.


Tandem and Tridem Dyno Services

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