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Dyno Services

Optimizing Performance

Full Tandem and Tridem 


Big Rig Power can accurately diagnose engine or powertrain problems or troubleshoot any mechanical issues with the use of our new above ground air-cooled dynamometer (Dyno). We’ll get better performance out of your diesel engine. This style of performance tuning is favored industry wide.


A chassis dynamometer helps measure vehicle performance. Complex powertrain technology and regulation make optimized performance an important part of meeting local codes and standards. Our new above ground air-cooled dynamometer can be used to simply calculate engine torque and horsepower; we can also provide further technical diagnostics for your cooling system, drivetrain, poor fuel economy concerns, aftermarket component function and failure analysis.


You get the before and after information to give you the confidence to head back out on the highway and own the road!

Test your truck’s power with 50% off dyno runs for the month of November!

If you have engine work done and still struggle with poor performance, our Dyno can test for:


  • Low power
  • Overheating
  • Fuel economy
  • Engine smoke
  • All Engine Diagnostics

You have questions.

We have answers.

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