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Professional maintenance and repair for your heavy duty truck

Our licensed mechanics and technicians work with state-of-the-art equipment in our new 10 Bay, 35,000 square foot shop to ensure that no detail is overlooked. We want you to own the road and we work around the clock to make sure you do.


The leader in performance tuning

Our innovations in custom tuning have made us Canada’s diesel performance leader. We are rethinking the way things are done to find better, more efficient and more economical ways to do them.


Performance Hard Parts

Whether you’re looking to add horsepower, torque or anything else we guarantee we’ll have what you want.

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Part NumberMakeModelYearTuneExtra's
Part NumberMakeModelYearTuneExtra's
BRPCU870ISX, ISC, ISM, ISLCM8702003-2006EGRVGT Available
BRPCU871ISX, ISC, ISM, ISLCM8712007-2009EGR DPFVGT Available
BRPCU875ISMCM8752003-2006EGRVGT Available
BRPCU876ISMCM8762007-2009EGRVGT Available
BRPCU2150ISB, ISCCM21502010-2012EGR DPFVGT Available
BRPCU2250ISX, ISC, ISM, ISLCM22502010-2012EGR DPF DEFVGT Available
BRPCU2350ISX, ISC, ISM, ISLCM23502013-2017EGR DPF DEFVGT Available
BRPCUX12X12X122017-2018EGR DPF DEFVGT Available
BRPCUX15X15X152017-2018EGR DPF DEFVGT Available
BRPCUVGTAll ApplicationsVGT Added toYou will loose 3rd Stage Jaking

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